Friday, June 13, 2008

Closure II and some future thought

My last post about closure in my blog and my query in the comp.lang.lisp have created some interesting debate among lispers and my friends. They have sugested their views about my posts. Some of them said that it was required and some said “I do not care about closure”. All in all I felt good about it. At least some people took a notice about closure and what it means.

To begin the post I must correct one program from my privious post:

(let ((s0 0) (s1 1) (state 0))
(defun input-action(in)
(if (eq state in)
(setf state in)
(if (eq state s0)
(setf state s1)
(setf state s0)))))

I was really busy with my work of late and could not find any time (or topic) to write. I am busy with javascript and I am very happy with that. So I feel that in next couple of blogs I will write about some of JavaScript. For this I will go back to my school days and write programs which are like stack, queue and linked list. So that I can keep up with my old habits; what is it?


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