Monday, March 26, 2012

Needed a better Twitter so we made one for ourself

Yeah! We are out of our mind, or may be not. We felt a lot of things can be improved in twitter or micro-blogging for that matter. So what all things that we wanted to improve in a micro-blogging service:


Give some more characters darn it. Have you ever felt like that you just need that extra 10,20 or so characters in your tweet. If so read on.

Why the hell I need to go to another service to shorten my URL. That's pretty basic. A micro-blogging site should do it automatically for you.


Why not follow my interests - in a wholesome way. So following people gives me a lot of sh*t. I have to wait for my meat. I will jump on to a conversation, if I find it interesting. One more thing about interest is it's not always people but tags. Some tags are interesting enough to follow and get a stream in.


This brings me to tagging. Tags are meta data not data. Please don't clutter my post with #FOO and #BAR. I should be able to add tags separately.

Can you help with suggesting some tags for a link. So we wanted an auto-tagging system, it need not to be perfect (as long as I can remove suggested tags which does not make sense), but give me something.

All this can be done. We need to do it for us. So we did it. If you are interested take a look at: ScoopSpot.


Jason said...

But Twitter does shorten links for you straight from the web frontend....

Catalin Istratoiu said...

I did sign in with google account and nothing happens .. sends me to the homepage with no error message.

samik chakraborty said...

@Catalin i will check what happened rightway