Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Come Back!!!

“We're getting close to the end of my blog. After today's entry, I only have three left to write. After that, I'll only blog anonymously or (more likely) not at all.” – Steve Yegge

“programming is rather thankless. you see your works become replaced by superior works in a year. unable to run at all in a few more.” - _why

So people do like to disappear from the web world. I really do not know why a person like Steve wants to stop blogging; _Why likes to stop contributing to the programming language he loved.

We all need time to do things that we must, should and have to do. I must spend quality time with my family; I should spend an hour or two with Concrete Mathematics; I have to keep my day job (hey I love my day job – please don’t take it in the other sense.) so that I can pay the bills.

But it seems strange that one day one may decide to go in the clouds and never come back. If someone really does that, whom should we blame? Why some people really wanted to know the so called “real” person behind _Why? Some people think that’s may be the reason for the drastic step that _Why took. If you do not agree with what someone has to say about something (like Marijuana) – why do we always have to hit that guy?

Yeah! We are intelligent beings – and have big fat ego like – I know this stuff better than you and I can show how great I am in…. but hey dude. You are just good at criticizing and nothing else. You know pointless criticism is pointless! FLAT POINTLESS – don’t do it!

I do not know why the hell these guys disappeared. But I want them to come back. But why should you come back? These thankless people will never stop. They will always come back and hound you guys. I am just thinking about people who really go inspiration from you guys. An email, blog post or code snippet can clarify an air of uncertainty in our mind. For ruthless, restless and may be “I know all” types all you have to do is “ignore” them. They will always be there as their existence depends on it. They will not practice agile for 2 years and come back and say “Hey Steve, you missed out these (or that point) in why Agile suck.”

You know I am may be just ranting for no reason at all. I know this will not change your mind sets. Just one request to you guys. Do not punish all for a few!

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